We want you to feel like you are part of the team at HIF. To fulfill our mission, “To be a light to the nations in Hanoi and beyond,” it takes many of us to partner together. If you expect to stay for more than one year in Hanoi, we encourage you to sign up as a member of HIF.

As an international church in Hanoi, we recognize that our congregation is more transient than most churches. For this reason, our membership is a little different at other churches. Becoming a member of HIF does not negate your home-church membership. This allows you to be “fully here” but still feel loyal to your home church.

Since there is a high turnover every year, we request that every year our members renew their membership commitment. Sometimes people are out of country for several months or leave permanently and forget to let us know. The annual renewal helps us to keep track of our members.


When you are ready to make a membership commitment, please read the HIF Constitution (button below), which includes our Purpose Statement and Statement of Faith. Then fill out the Membership Commitment Form below. Once your commitment form has been processed, someone from the leadership team will contact you to affirm your membership.



Please complete the Membership Commitment Form below.