Living on purpose

A church-wide conference just for you!

Ever wondered why you are here in Hanoi? Does God have a purpose for placing you in the job that you have? Do you feel overloaded by life’s demands, wondering how you could possibly add any ministry responsibility on top of it all? Do you desire to live out your faith in the workplace but do not know how? If these kind of questions describe you, then this conference is just for you! In fact, the Living on Purpose conference is to inspire all of us to experience God’s joy in our daily work life.

The team of Missional Impact is specifically focused on designing content, a platform, and tools for our constituency, the global diaspora. They believe that by equipping international church members to live out their faith at work, it will dramatically increase their effectiveness as witnesses across the globe.

The Missional Impact team will provide five interactive workshops over two days and launch their Living on Purpose devotional guide during the event. This devotional can be used by everyone to be inspired and encouraged. The workshops on Friday morning and afternoon are designed specifically for ministry leaders. Friday evening starts the conference for all church members. The workshops are highly interactive with real life stories, panel discussions, group interaction, and prayer times.

Block your calendar and register online today! I am confident that you will be blessed by attending all or part of the conference.

Pastor Jacob

Friday, Nov. 9, 09:15-16:00

Ministry leaders workshops

09:15: God’s Invitation to Join Him

What God is doing in moving people from all nations to all nations, and how he is using the global diaspora for his purposes. What should our response be?

13:00: The Role of International Churches

How can we leverage our unique strengths as an international church for effective cross-cultural witness and discipleship?

Friday, Nov. 9, 19:00-20:30

Conference Workshop (open to all)

19:00: Story Sharing, Panel Discussion

Real life stories from various expatriate workplace contexts will be shared. A panel of experienced practitioners will discuss relevant questions on stage.

Saturday, Nov.10, 09:15-12:00

Conference Workshops (open to all)

09:15: Keys to Living on Purpose

How do we see ourselves as stewards rather than owners of everything God has given us? Learn biblical principles for living out life in our cross-cultural settings.

13:00: Living on Purpose Workshops

Join one of two simultaneous workshops:

Workshop 1: Real Life Scenarios

Workshop 2: Role & Equipping of Mentors

VENUE FOR THIS CONFERENCE IS AT: Hanoi International Fellowship, 17th floor, Detech Tower, 8c Tôn Thất Thuyết, Mỹ Đình, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội. Vietnam