HIF is a Christian family of internationals living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. We welcome all who seek to know, worship and serve Jesus Christ. Started in 1995 by a dozen expats meeting in a living room, HIF today consists of three congregations in two locations with over 550 people and 50+ nationalities in regular attendance. You can join us at one of these Sunday services or in any of our numerous activities. You are most welcome!

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Join HIF and become a part of this spiritual family. Especially if you’re far away from home and home church, we are brothers and sisters in Christ together. Some might even be spiritual uncles and aunts, grandparents to your children, or you might become a spiritual mother or father to new believers!


Pastor Jacob leading the Youth Worship Team during the “Daewoo Days”

Prior to the establishment of HIF, all expat Christians attended an ecumenical group at the UN apartments in Van Phuc. Since it was liturgical in style, those from evangelical traditions discussed ways to create a service in an evangelical style. As a result, HIF was started on 27 August 1995, with a dozen people meeting in the home of Stewart Stemple on Tran Hung Dao Street. After 2 to 3 months the group rented a room in the HITC building on Xuan Thuy Street, experiencing immediate
growth with the addition of Filipino brothers and sisters.